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Coral Manton

Since emerging in the UK in 2012, Algorave has subsequently become a global movement with parties happening across the world. At an Algorave, performers live code and project their screens for the audience to see the creative process unfolding. It’s a truly audiovisual experience where sound and visuals merge together. This showcase will bring together an international host of leading performers from the Algorave scene. From minimal techno to bursts of noise all sounds and visuals will be generated through algorithms for your pleasure.

Part of Future Art and Culture produced by British Underground and supported by Arts Council England

Date: Tuesday, March 12
Venue: The Main II (603 Red River St)
Lineup: ALGOBABEZ, Alexandra Cardenas, Belisha Beacon, Byrke Lou, co34pt, Coral Manton, hellocatfood, Scorpion Mouse, Renick Bell

GIF by Artist Antonio Roberts AKA Hellocatfood

  • Role Live-coding performer

  • For SXSW Festival

  • Date 2019

  • URL

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